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Svilo Scoreboard
Design Svilo scoreboard is of the pyramid type. Maximum match length is 31.
This allows the scoreboard to be used as a tabletop calendar
There is space bellow the score stacks to stick player names.
The metal coils and thick printed score numbers provide smooth operation
Customization The size of Svilo Scoreboard is 24x12 cm.
The design allows for custom orders
The cover leaf can be printed.
The match information stack allows for additional information
Pricing Three level
For single piece,
for 10 pieces - clubs,
for 50 pieces - resellers
Other prices to be negotiated for custom orders or larger orders.
Example price caclulation:
123 pieces
3 x 23.00 ...... 3 pieces
1 x 198.00 ..... 20 pieces
2 x 720.00 ..... 100 pieces
All prices include free postage.
1 piece
Price: 23.00 EUR
Air mail free

10 pieces
Price: 198.00 EUR
Air mail free

50 pieces
Price: 720.00 EUR
Air mail free

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Backgammon equipment

Backgammon equipment.

S50 is the luxury jumbo backgammon board with a 50 mm (2") checker diameter.

S44 is the large backgammon board with a 44 mm (1.75") checker diameter.

S40 is the tournament backgammon board with a 40 mm (1.50") checker diameter.

S33 is the compact backgammon board with 33 mm (1.25") checker diameter.

Svilo backgammon boards are designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. A standard backgammon set comes with leather dice cups.

Should you like to have a custom assembled backgammon set, you can choose various dice cups or precision dice, exterior color, playing surface, checker colors. .

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