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Annotated Backgammon Matches 1988
boardmaker(me) vs. fawn on TMG
Maia Peicheva 1
Maria Krancheva Match No. 1
Maria Krancheva Match No. 2
Maria Krancheva Match No. 3
Maria Krancheva Match No. 4
Maria Krancheva Match No. 5
Maria Krancheva Match No. 6
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Backgammon in Bulgaria

"It's only words,
and words are all I have
to take your heart away..."
Bots (neural nets) may see things a million time, but we humans are short legged. We can only run faster with our minds. Or with the products of our minds - be they spacecraft of computers.

I started to annotate matches again...

Can old men teach what old men can't can't do?

That remains to be seen.

"Licking the wounds" is a way to "see again" or to make sense of things that have not been conceived in the heat of battle. This is the way humanity hammered it's wings - licking it's wounds.

Maria Kruncheva is a young Bulgarian backgammon player, who shocked the world with her precise and merciless play. She wins trophies on each tournament she takes part. In the World Cup challenge in Bucharest 2003 she lost the final to my good old time friend Slava Priadkin only by time

Please, allow some time to put words into these fine matches of Maria, and in the meanwhile, you can see my old (1988) annotated matches.

From the left side menu, you can see the raw Snowie analysis of the 6 matches of her I had recorded.